Wedding Ceremony Outline

Wedding Ceremony Outline


This is where you will begin seating the Mothers and other immediate family members. For example, this may be a blended wedding ceremony where we are bringing together two families. Or you may have been living together and already have children too! In this particular wedding ceremony outline, the processional is when you could choose to have the children of the marriage to be seated. Of course, you could always have them seated previous to the processional. This is really up to you. An optional part of any wedding ceremony outline is the famous question, “Who gives this woman to be married to this man?” This would be at the close of the processional because it would take place after the father of the bride walks his daughter down the aisle. It is the processional’s finale! In some wedding ceremony outlines you’ll find an Opening prayer, blessing, poem or reading to add objectivity to the ceremony of what is about to commence. This doesn’t have to be long or wordy, short and simple is good.


Then comes the introduction. In most any wedding ceremony outline you’ll find an introduction. This is a short paragraph or two about how the couple has come to the understanding they were meant to be together and have fallen in love with one another. You could even insert a couple of anecdotes about the relationship that make it unique and perhaps even funny. But, it is simply a short segment to introduce the concept of the two being in love and this ceremony is the consummation of that love.

The Promises:

After the introduction comes the promises and in most wedding ceremonies these are read by the minister and repeated by the couple. In other words, this is the exchange of the I do’s. A lot of people forget the wedding ceremony is actually a oral contract between a man and a woman to be committed to one another for a live time.

Vow Exchange:

After the promises are exchanged you’ll the wedding ceremony outline turns the individual vows to love one another for ever. These can be pre-written and read by the officiant and repeated by the couple. However, you can also choose to write your own vows and this would be the place in the ceremony where you would read or say them.

Ring Exchange:

Next in the wedding ceremony outline comes the exchanging of rings. This is usually made up of three parts. First, the officiant may take time to explain the ring exchange and its intent. Or just, spill a short paragraph about the ring exchange itself. Secondly the groom, traditionally, gives the bride her ring with a short line or two of commitment. Finally, the bride would do the same.

Marriage License Signing (Optional)

In some wedding ceremony outlines you’ll find the signing of the license by two witnesses and the officiant. This allows everyone to participate in the signing event. However, this is usually held to be done after the ceremony itself. Although, it is an option to change up the ceremony and would be unique in most cases.

Other Optional Parts of the Wedding Ceremony Outline:

Now, the wedding ceremony outline can include additional services like the “Unity Candle”, “Sand Ceremony” or “Knot Tying Ceremony”, which are all symbolic of the uniting of the spirits into one. You’ll find other types of bonding ceremonies too! There are many ways to perform this symbolic ceremony.

The Closing:

Finale, in most wedding ceremony outlines you’ll find the closing. In the closing many things can take place as closing options. You can have your prayer here, poem or other type of reading here. Usually, the officiant has some words of encouragement in this part of the wedding ceremony. It really just a recap of what has taken place during the ceremony. Then you’ll have the pronouncement as man and wife. Here is a place where you may want to include other family members as a part of the ceremony. You could have your mom and dads come up and do the pronouncement while they add their words of encouragement. This is an area where you’ll need to consult with your officiant as to their comfort level with this optional part of your wedding ceremony outline. Another part of the closing is the big kiss. Your fist one as husband and wife we might add. So, it is always a traditionally an important part of your wedding ceremony.

The Presentation:

Finally, The presentation of the couple as husband and wife. This is where most brides will hear they’re being referred to under their new name. This can be done in many ways. You can have the officiant say, “I now present to you Mr. & Mrs. Groom’s Last Name” or “Mr. Groom’s first name and Mrs. Bride’s first name then Groom’s last name” Of course, it’s now her given name too!


Then you have the recessional. This is where the bridal party exits and the ushers escort the moms and dads out. Then once the bridal party and family have exited the officiant will excuse those attending. This is your traditional wedding ceremony outline.

Services Included With Wedding Ceremonies:

  • 1. Optional Personal visit with bride and groom, (to get acquainted and answer your questions.)
  • 2. Unlimited email & telephone support.
  • 3. Provide you with many ceremony options so that you can personalize your wedding ceremony.
  • 4. Your wedding license officiated and registered.
  • 5. Free Wedding planner “Weddings 101” lots of great ideas for your wedding)
  • 6. Free Travel to your wedding location within 30 miles.

Examples Of Special Requests: (see sample readings & inserts)

  • Unity candle or mixing sand symbolizing unity, blending of families:
  • Breaking of the glass: (Symbolizes the fragility of life)
  • Rose presentation to parents/children or family: (A single red rose means I love you)
  • Mention of children or family in Ceremony, Parental honoring: (Some couples will give their children a ring, medallion, bracelet, or say some special words to them or to family members in the ceremony)
  • Love poetry, blessings & readings:
  • The Cord Of 3 Strands: (see sample readings & inserts)
  • Blessing Of The Hands: (see sample readings & inserts)
  • Butterfly Release: (see sample readings & inserts)
  • Family Vows: (see sample readings & inserts)
  • Nature weddings & indian poems:

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