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Keith Wedding Officiant St. Louis

Keith is a wedding officiant St. Louis MO. Keith, enjoys the outdoors and loves to perform wedding ceremonies. You’ll end up liking him from the first-moment you meet and on, no really. He is a cool soul, for sure. His casual personality is a breath of fresh air. Plus, he is very professional and quite talented at listening. This allows him to meet needs you didn’t even realize you had.

This is the one comment we hear most often about Keith, brides say, “There was something special about him. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what it was, but he made me feel very comfortable and confident. He was able to make changes in mid-stride and not blink eye nor raise an eyebrow. If you have not spoke to him you should right now!

Bonds of matrimony for both the young and old is what you’ll hear Keith say almost continuously. He really enjoys his job for sure. I don’t even think he sees it as a job. This is why he is so good at performing ceremonies for couples like you all.

Wedding Officiant St. Louis MO

Keith says,

“As your wedding officiant St. Louis MO, I want your wedding to be that special day you have dreamed of all your life. Yes, I is my aim. In addition, I have a much bigger aim which is to see all who attend have a memorable experience!” 

Some brides have asked, “Is there a chapel?” Yes, while is true some of our wedding officiants are still on the job at a local church. Yet, This means they have places to meet. Then there are those ministers who have retired and really don’t have a chapel or any kind of facility. However, most wedding ministers have a game plan for the unexpected things.

Whether formal, casual, or complete dress down, we are here to meet your exact needs. Just let us know. Most of the time other officiants we’ll say no to the call to go above and beyond what is expected. This is really up to the marriage officiant. Keith really just does it your way within reason of course. As a wedding officiant St. Louis MO he’ll perform elopements, formal, casual, and also themed wedding events.

Service Areas

Naturally, Keith is a wedding officiant St. Louis, MO, He also works
Bonhomme Township, Ferguson Township, Maryland Heights Township,
Creve Coeur Township, and other suburbs.

Star Rating 5.0/5.0
We’ve Just concluded our ceremony at Fenton with Rev. Keith. With weather conditions deteriorating he performed an exceptional service for us.” Thank You,
Terry and Debbie Fenton, MO

Star Rating 5.0/5.0
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how things went for our wedding. The day was lovely. Keith did a very professional and touching wedding service for us, just the way we planned. It was a very special day for us both and we could not have asked for more from Keith. There was not a dry eye in the house, me especially! A couple attending our wedding just got married this last Saturday and they were so impressed with the way he did our ceremony, they used part of ours in theirs. I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate you finding someone for us, and for Keith doing a fabulous job, especially at the last minute. He is so professional and confident. Keith is definitely a keeper for your business.”
Lisa and Martin Atlanta, Ga.

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