Officiating Your Ceremony Is Our Greatest Pleasure!


Lime Green

The color scheme was beautiful as we walked into the Ballroom. At first when the bride told me her colors I must admit I thought they were a bit odd and to boot they wanted the minister to wear a matching tie. Well, at first it took me and my husband by surprise, where were we going to find a tie that color. Later the bride told us she would supply us with one. Okay than, we settle into the fact that he would wear the color she wanted and be grateful that we could grant her, her desire. The wedding was great. The bride and groom were so happy.

Busy Day

We have it all under control. They are spaced out with just the right amount of time to get to each one on time. We even had enough time to stop at one of our favorite coffee places, which gave us enough fuel to continue through the evening, performing a service that is so personal and rewarding. Helping couples unite, two becoming one. Just say "I do". All we asked for is the time and location. I love my job. And you know, being invited to join the couple and their guests for cake, well does it get any better than that.

Free Love?

I got an interesting phone call this morning from a bride, she proceeded to tell me, that when she was on the internet she couldn't believe what "you people" charge for a wedding. This is a God thing, and you should not be charging anything. Well young lady, even ministers have families to feed, phone bills, rent and utilities to pay. And every once in awhile they like to take their families out to a movie. "Sorry, we couldn't help you-but if their is something we can do for you, just let us know."

Who has the rings?

Well, the unthinkable happened. The wedding rings that were tied to the pillow got untied, dropped in between the stairs and rolled into some thick brush. With just about everyone on their knees looking for the bride's ring, it was finally found 30 minutes later, with a big sigh of relief. We were than really to begin the ceremony. Praise God!

The Rollover Couple

You are never too old for love. They met on the internet. He is 70 and she is 62. When it came to the part when he was to repeat his vows to her, he should of said, "I will grow older with you", instead he said, " I will roll over with you". We laughed for minutes. What this couple showed me is, love is always young at heart, and it could be just around the corner, or in their case, just a click away.

Downside Of Having A Friend Or Family Member Perform Your Marriage Ceremony

Although an honor, presiding over a friend or family member's wedding has its pros and cons. Yes, there are benefits to being married by someone familiar, but even these can become detrimental to the potentially successful marriage ceremony. For example, a "deputized" officiator friend or family member:

1. Can make a bride and groom more stressed or nervous during the pre-ceremony planning. Causing extra work for all concerned - bride, groom and their "deputized" or "licensed" friend or family member must learn about the wedding ceremony (planning and presentation).

The Branson Connection

A great way to expand your wedding business is to connect with other wedding vendors. The Branson Chamber of Commerce hosted a wedding vendor meeting on the 07-14-10. The next meeting is scheduled for 09-15-10. They are planning a bridal destination wedding give away over the next year. They will be doing some advertising concerning this.

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