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Happy New Year

Now that we are beginning a new year, with the old one behind us, we know we have lots to look forward too. I think the up and coming trend is Reuse, Recycle and how do we do that? Some suggestions are your local Thrift Shops and Consignment Stores. Not only may you find a gorgeous wedding dress for a ridiculously cheap price, but you may even find other items that can be used for decorations for your reception, glass bowls for the centerpieces, wicker baskets for the flower girl, or jewelry to wear on your wedding day. The key to Thrift Shop shopping is taking along you your imagination to see ordinary objects in a brand new light. Be prepared to dig and if you don't find something the first time, ask the store manager when the store puts out their items for sale. You never know what you may find during your treasure hunting adventures. Stay tuned for part two, next week. In the mean time, Happy Hunting!

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