How to Use A Wedding Guest List Template to Invite, Track RSVPs & Answer Guest Questions!

Tip Number One: The Wedding Guest List Template

The right wedding guest list template will guide you to success you seek. A good template will help you reduce stress and create extraordinary experience for your guest as well. A good solution will help think about who you would like to invite with your budget in mind.

Then It should make the invitation and RSVP process extremely easy. It should, push reminders via email and post-cards; thus, it make sure to reach the techies and non-techies to become aware of your upcoming event.

Of course, it should be super simple for you to use, too! Right?

Well this was the primary goal of our research team. We went looking at all the top event software, wedding guest list template generators, worksheets and PDFs and below is what we discovered to be the best wedding guest list templates and tools.

Top Wedding Guest List Template Software

How often does the average bride plan a wedding or any event for the matter? Once, a bride with go over this hill in her lifetime. Perhaps, she may do it more than once, but most it’s a one time thing, right? So, you should immediately be looking for help from someone who does this all the time and knows the questions you need to ask yourself.

This is why we voted this as one of the best wedding guest list template services. It’s quite simple. You have a step by step guide with all the tools you need to put a really great event together. They have the whole process in one place with one easy to use solution.

It is call “Planning Pod”. It is a browser based SaaS (Software as a Service) software. We think you’ll get it right of the bat here’s their introduction video:

Let us know what you think of it, we’d appreciate the feedback.

Top Wedding Guest List Template PDF Printable

Okay, this solution is really for the low tech bride. If this is you then you’ve found your gold mine. All of the resources listed here are easily downloaded and printed to your computer’s printer port.

Even though they are low tech they’re still extremely valuable and workable for your wedding guest list activities. They should allow you to easily and effortlessly accomplish your guest list. All most all provide a place for the attendee’s name, address, and other event necessities. For example, they will have a place to handle RSVPs. Also, you’ll be able to track gifts and the necessary thank you card to send out after the event.

Here was our staffs favorite solutions:

Super Simple Worksheet

Wedding Guest List Template PDF

What we liked about this guest list worksheet was its simplicity. This is a quick start checklist; however, we believe you’ll like one of the copies below more. But, this would do for sure.

Simple Worksheet with RSVP Check Off

Wedding Guest List Template w/ RSVP

As with all events it’s good to keep track of who is coming, don’t you agree? This is why this one made our top 3 and the one below too!

Simple Worksheet with Advanced RSVP Check Off

Wedding Guest List Template Advanced RSVP Section

Top Wedding Guest List Template Word & Excel

Now, of course you may want a template that allows you to create your own custom printable version. If this is the case then these make good sense to source for your event. These will work in MS Word or MS Excel and will be adjustable, of course. You may have something a little more complicated in mind and these will make the great canvas to bring your ideas to life.

Word Wedding Guest List Template

Excel Wedding Guest List Template Planner

This is a simple word template. It can be easily modified to meet your needs and gives you way to quick start a list. Let us know what you think submit your feedback here.

Excel Wedding Guest List Template

Excel Wedding Guest List Template

Here you have an easy to implement MS Excel spreadsheet template. It is rudimentary and works well. Of course, you can add to it and customize it as you see necessary.

The link below is to a great Excel/ Word template factory for event planners.

Wedding Guest List Template Word & Excel

Finally, wedding guest list templates provide by wedding portals like Wedding Wire & The Knot. The one our staff liked the most was the Excel Guest List Template; after all, it is easily customized.

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