Surprising Reasons Why You Should Hire The Right Wedding Officiant

The wedding officiant has had to change to keep up with 21st century couples. Formerly, a couple would be wed by their pastor, priest or clergy. However, today, a lot of couples don’t attend church and do not have a pastor, priest or clergy to call on. They may have a neighborhood church. Yet, most churches do not marry couples who do not attend their church. On top of that most clergy are moving away from perform ceremonies altogether.

Wedding Officiant for Your Special Day!

Wedding Officiant Missing?

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Yet, most states have not caught up with this trend and still demand the wedding officiant be ordained and legally licensed to perform the ceremony. Or, they may be a judge. This makes it hard for couples to find someone to legally perform their ceremony. This has caused the justice of the peace ceremonies to be backed-up for months. So, this phenomenon is permitting licensed and ordained ministers who, may be in-between pastorates, or be evangelist with their own ministries to step-up and help couples who are falling into this gap.

This is the case with Can-A-Lope Weddings. Can-A-Lope’s ministry was designed to stand in the gap and fill a need which is becoming more and more prevalent these days. It has been a real boon and blessing for our ministry. Can-A-Lope has been helping couples since 2004.

Hiring the Right Officiant

Short list of things to ask:

  1. Are you ordained? Through what organization?
  2. Will you do a custom ceremony ( This allows you to say your own vows )
  3. Will you travel to a location of my choice?
  4. How do your fees work?
  5. Under what circumstance can I get a refund?

So, if you’re having problems find a wedding officiant we are your one-stop for over 320 ministers helping couples from coast to coast and boarder to boarder here in the USA. We have a 4.2 rating with and a 4.8 with We, sincerely, want to be the end all solution for all couples who just cannot find a wedding officiant for their special day.

So, don’t hesitate to call on Can-A-Lope Wedding Ministers or book online with us at! We look forward to celebrating your special day with both of you. Until then, we wish you, all the best and congratulations on finding that special someone who makes you feel whole, God bless.

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