The Number One Way to Cope With Justice of the Peace Issues

The number one tip? Hire a wedding officiant, here’s why… Finding a Justice of the Peace is rapidly becoming harder and harder. Normally, couples find the wait is as many as 6 to 8 weeks for a date in the Justice of the Peace’s calendar . No couple wants to wait for a Justice of the peace for that length of time. Especially, when they can find other means for getting the job done. Plus, most Justice of the Peace ceremonies save you almost no money. These types of ceremonies certainly don’t save you enough when you consider you have to wait to get what you want.

Justice of the Peace for Your Special Day?

Justice of the Peace Wedding

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It is a fact that a lot of counties no longer provide a Justice of the Peace for wedding ceremonies. Here’s why…

In response to the likelihood that a federal judge will rule that a lift on the state’s gay marriage ban will apply to all Florida counties, three Jacksonville-area counties have decided that they’ll stop conducting courthouse weddings.

In order to avoid having to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies, clerks of courts in Duval County, Baker County and Clay County have decided to put an end to all courthouse weddings in their counties, The Florida Times-Union reported Wednesday.

Although the report states that the clerks listed multiple reasons for their decision, with the state’s limbo over gay marriage being one of them, the decision to stop performing courthouse weddings is due largely to trying to avoid performing same-sex weddings. Read more…

Bride Alert: Call the courthouse today! Or, as soon as, you’ve been asked to get married.

In conclusion, rules and regulations changes are being made at the courthouse all over the U.S.; So, in the end you won’t find a Justice of the Peace at all. This is where Can-A-Lope Wedding comes in and why we started doing weddings in the first place. We ask nothing more of you than that you love each other and have a sincere desire to be married.

So,  you shouldn’t hesitate to call on Can-A-Lope Wedding Ministers. Or, you can book us online by visiting here! We look forward to celebrating your special day with both of you. Until then, we wish you, all the best. Oh, congratulations on finding that special someone who makes you feel whole. God bless.


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