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Wedding venues or more specific locations which provide both wedding ceremony and honeymoon destination are winning big time. Many couples are traveling of shore and abroad giving them the opportunity to have a strikingly beautiful wedding with memorable views! Some think of celebrity weddings, but these days commoners are splurging to find the wedding of their dreams and great memories to boot.

honeymoonIs there something wrong in combining “tourism” and/ “market” with the words exotic “wedding venues”. Apparently not, many wedding venues off coast and abroad are catering to this trending wedding crowd. They do this by helping couples see the value of dreaming about the ultimate wedding venue. So, by expanding your horizons as to where you wish to be married can allow for exciting elements on your special day. Plus, you may experience the unique geographical aspect, which may allow a historical element to your wedding day.

Wedding venues as honeymoon spot can be expensive.

As noted in a recent article on “Popsugar”:

Weddings are expensive. Honeymoons are expensive. But amazingly, if you put the two together, you can actually save a lot of money. A destination wedding cuts out the need to suddenly pay more than it’s worth to feed and water the hundred or so people you will inevitably have on your list.

We are having a party in our hometown of London upon our return, and even keeping the numbers down as much as we could, we’re looking at over 100 guests — once your cousins and friends start having kids, the numbers spiral out of control very quickly! Even though we both have good jobs, neither of us has been saving for years for a dream wedding. There is genuinely no way we would be able to have a more traditional wedding in London with all the people we want to invite.

As it is, our party (which includes a BBQ meal and drinks) is looking like it’ll cost almost the same as the entire Antigua trip. But even so, by marrying abroad, we’ve managed to keep our budget significantly below the average cost of a UK wedding… …via Why We Chose to Save Money by Having a Destination Wedding

Of course, your friend may gasp at your wedding photos; since, these sort of destinations are breathe taking. Plus, you don’t have to get up the next day and spend hours traveling to your honeymoon destination, you’re already there. This type of wedding is probably not for the traditionalist, it is becoming an extraordinary wedding venue for a number of people these days.

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