The Guru’s Guide to How to Plan a Theme Wedding Success

Yes, you too can pull of a themed wedding that will have your family talking for years to come. Here’s what we are providing in this article…

6 Themed Wedding Tactics

Dozens of themed weddings which set up a memorable atmosphere.
How to pinch pennies, but still have an impactful ceremony.
Step by step strategies for making your themed wedding ceremony work.
Advice about a themed wedding officiant…
A blueprint for pulling of the perfect (low cost) themed wedding.
Booking the right officiant for a themed wedding.

Plus, you’ll discover wedding favors which can pump up the results of your ceremony! Tips for finding and electing to go with the best them for you and your family.

And we’re just getting started…

Two peas in a pod
Cinderella or fairytale
Medieval times
Hollywood ( Favorite Movie )
Past decades, like the Roaring ’20s or hippy ’70s
Country ( Cowboy )
Cultural Themes

 Wedding Planner’s School of the Themed Wedding


I’ve determined that there are eight areas where you can save the most on wedding costs. Here they are.

1. Food
2. Bar
3. Wedding Attire
4. Flowers
5. Photography & Videography
6. Music
7. Honeymoon
8. Guest List

You can go into penny pinching mode in these areas! Food and alcohol is usually the biggest expense. You could get family members to handle this area.

You may decide the expense of a bar is out of  your budget or cater this yourself. There are a lot of areas to thing about.

Of course, when you go with a themed wedding your may want to get an wedding officiant who is game to participate with your concept. If it is extravagant you definitely will want to find the right officiant. However, most wedding officiants are usually all about making your special day, just that special. However, it is always best to make sure he/she is up for the challenge.

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