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Want To Get Legally Married? Here’s How To Book An Ordain Minister Now!

No, You Don’t Have To Go Through Premarital Counseling or Jump Through Any Hoops. We Just Ask That You Love Each Other & Have A Sincere Desire To Be Married!

Date: Monday, August 17, 2017
From: Rev. Rodney Noran
RE: Booking an officiant for your special day!

Wedding Officiant

ATTENTION: All Couples Who Are Having A Hard Time Finding A Wedding Officiant

Why you may be having a hard time finding an officiant Perhaps, you don’t attend church. Or, maybe you’re living together and officiants are unwilling. It may be your church no longer does weddings! Conceivably, the traditional church is just letting you down! We’re about to share with a closely guarded “Secret” We will only have this offer online for a short time (And for a good reason as you’re about to see); So, Watch this video to completion, while you can!

To put it another way, your current situation is why you’re being denied an officiant and why you’re are being asked to jump through hoops; also, why you’re struggling to find an officiant. After All, is it your fault you fell in love? Or, that you don’t like to attend church. In other words, its not your fault it’s cheaper to live together in order to make both ends meet, Right?

This Is Why Can-A-Lope Weddings Got Started!

We have assimilated a three hundred and twenty ministers, who all believe God gave you free will; yet, he also, ordained at the same time marriage. Thus, declaring, a man and a women, the right to be join together by the natural design of their creator. This is why we guarantee you an officiant for your ceremony!

So, at this time through Can-A-Lope, you can find an ordained minister willing and able to get you “Legally Married”!

Let’s Get A Wedding Officiant In Place, Now!

No Muss, No Fuss And No Pain Staking Hoops To Jump Through!

  • No Classes You’ll not be asked to go through pre-marriage classes.
  • No Judgement Nor, will you be judged in any way! You’ll discover ministers who just wish to love on you and see you happily & legally married!
  • One Request We just ask that you love each other and sincere desire to be married. Okay, by now you’re probably asking yourself…

Grab Some Piece Of Mind, Book Your Special Day, Now!

A Simple And Easy Process For Matrimony!

Since, we provide a double your money back guarantee concerning officiant availability for your special day your first step is to book us as your officiating provider. You will be provided a personal ceremony planner. He or she will assist you until you and your officiate have been given each others contact information. Then your personal planner will always be there for you to ask questions and make sure everything goes perfect.

So, to recap, once you have officially booked with us; we will get an officiant in place for you with in 24 hours. We will send he/she your contact information and send you his/her contact information. Then we will follow-up to insure the two of you make contact! This way we know you are taken care of. We provide all of this to you for a small booking fee of only one-hundred twenty-five dollars!

So, go a head and click the orange button below, you know you want peace of mind of mind concerning your officiant!

Why should you book Can-A-Lope?

We have are Wedding Wire rated with 20 plus reviews!

Plus, When You Book An Officiant Today You Will Receive These Five Valuable Bonuses… Absolutely FREE!



Special Bonus Report #1

“Year Long Wedding Checklist”
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This wonderful report gives you a complete, detailed list of essential wedding tasks that you need “to do” before the big day!  Takes you step-by-step (checklist) from one year until you get married!

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Special Bonus Report #2

“Reception Planning &
Resources Your A-Z Guide”

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This eye-opening report will truly give your reception the juice it needs to be the absolute best!  It’s also printable so you can check things off, and keep things organized as well.  A truly unique report only given to those who book online with “Can-A-Lope Weddings”!

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Weddings in the 21st Century

Special Bonus Report #3

“Weddings In the 21st Century”
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Have you ever wondered who should pay for what? Traditionally speaking, there are many things that you won’t have to pay for!  Make sure you know exactly who pays for what so you can use the extra money for your honeymoon!

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Bridal registry Checklist

Special Bonus Report #4

“Bridal Registry Checklist”
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Make sure you register for everything you’re going to need for your new home. This checklist will insure you don’t miss anything you’re going to need. It will just make your bridal registry venture go a lot more smooth. Just wait until you have the scanner in your hand, you’ll be glad you have this little gem.

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Honeymoon Checklist

Special Bonus Report #5

“Planning Your Honeymoon”
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Departing on your honeymoon? Don’t start until you have checked everything of on this neat checklist. It’s another great list Make sure you know exactly should be thinking about as you prepare to travel for your honeymoon!

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All Of This For Only $225

Let’s Get An Officiant In Place

Yes, I would like to book one of your officiants to officiate our wedding ceremony!

  • I Understand, I will not be asked to jump through hoops or ask annoying questions about my personal life. Or, be looked down upon in any way, in spite of the fact we may be living together currently.
  • I, Also Understand, I will have an officiant in place for me with in 24 hours and that I’ll have final approval concerning which minister carries the day!
Book Your Officiant, Now!

P.S. Let’s face it… You’ve got two choices. You can continue to struggle or you can let us take all your worries away. We have officiants who are more than ready to a big blessing to you. All of them are ordained, professional, and recognized by the state. So, go ahead CLICK HERE and take a breathe and sigh of relief!


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