Wedding Ceremony Outline

So, you're looking for a wedding ceremony outline? Well, you have arrived at the right place to achieve your goal. First, we want to congratulate you on your upcoming wedding day!

There are numerous wedding ceremonies, from traditional to non-traditional all the way to your own custom variation. Today, you don't have to follow any particular format, but if you're looking for a good ceremony then you're in luck.

Complete Wedding Ceremony Outline

Health and Beauty, Natural

Every Bride wants to be beautiful, especially on her wedding day. Many of you will start by dieting and exercising to look and feel their best when they decide to walk down the aisle. Some brides also experiment with new and expensive new cosmetics, and may even treat themselves to facials, manicures, and pedicures. But, there are many all natural, organic products now available from companies that are focused on being eco-conscious. Nowadays, it is very popular to look for eco-friendly companies that can help you with all your concerns for the environment and still be beautiful.

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend, And Boys!

Through the years, diamonds have not always been the gemstone of choice for engagement rings. The popularity of the diamond is a twentieth-century trend, more or less. and mostly due to the clever marketing. All through history, colored gemstones have varied in their popularity, while diamonds were for the very, very rich. In the 18th and 19th century, sapphires and emeralds were the most popular choices for engagement rings. Sapphires were popular for their blue color, which symbolized the heavens and from which love came from. Rings that contained an aquamarine color represented harmony.

Wedding Jewelry: Friendly To The Envirnement?

Mining for gemstones and precious metals is a very dirty and hazardous business, both for the environment and for the workers. Mining for metals and gemstones destroys thousands of acres of habitat every year and causes vast amounts of pollutants to be released into the air, soils and the water supply. To make just one gold ring generates around twenty tons of a mining waste. Toxic amounts can be released into the environment through the mining processes.

Borrowed or Gently Used Attire:

Everyone in the wedding party or bridal party also has the same options as the bride: borrowing clothing, buying used attire, or wearing something they already have. No one says the guys have to rent their tuxes or wear identical suits. They can wear suits they already have, just have them stick to the same color palette and buy matching ties.

Want To Do Alittle More?

When you are budget conscious as well as eco conscious, undergarments may be a stretch. You always have the option of wearing vintage undergarments that are gently used. Nothing says vintage or old school like the wearing of a garter belt and a pair of traditional silk stockings. Their are many thrift shops and vintage clothing stores that carry undergarments. When you are searching out for the undergarments, keep in mind the condition of the elastic. Elastic wears out over time. There are many vintage items that look great but can't be worn due to the condition of the elastic.

A Trend That Is Big This Year: Vintage Wedding Gowns

One great thing about choosing a vintage wedding gown is to plan your whole wedding around it. If you choose a vintage gown from the 1940's or 1950's, and have your theme, it won't be hard. Set the tables with vintage glass ware form the era of your wedding theme and other kitchen ware, like plates, bowls, silver ware and linens. Here is your chance to dig through thrift stores for anything that can be used as decorations or even as favors. And since most things are not new and some things reused, it will go along with your wedding theme.

Happy New Year

Now that we are beginning a new year, with the old one behind us, we know we have lots to look forward too. I think the up and coming trend is Reuse, Recycle and how do we do that? Some suggestions are your local Thrift Shops and Consignment Stores. Not only may you find a gorgeous wedding dress for a ridiculously cheap price, but you may even find other items that can be used for decorations for your reception, glass bowls for the centerpieces, wicker baskets for the flower girl, or jewelry to wear on your wedding day.

Staying Natural

Using natural materials is good for you and the earth. Choosing natural, organic and sustainable fabrics for your wedding gown and for the bridal party is a fantastic choice for the eco-conscious bride. If you buy fabric and have the gown made for you or buy from an a natural friendly retailer, you don't have to sacrificing style, or beauty or comfort. It's a fact natural fabrics such as cotton, hemp, and bamboo are softer and less itchy than synthetics and won't irritate the skin. So when you go shopping, keep that in mind.